We have to rebel against mass production and poor quality garments that only last a season. The best way to start is by taking care of the clothes we already have.

These are the steps that will make your LAZA garments last forever:

How do I wash?

If your washing machine is reasonably new, “delicate / hand” washing programs are more efficient than home hand washing, to wash cold or at 30º / 40º maximum is best.

If you like to wash by hand, do it with care.

Use natural detergents or those with aloe vera as the main ingredient, never use fabric softener, a jet of white vinegar directly into the drum of the washing machine is the best way to clean the fibers, it will not leave any odor. Give it a try.

Dry cleaning is always thought to be the best, but it is not always so and also it is not the most sustainable. Try to wash only when necessary, after you have not been able to remove a stain or something like that.


How should I dry?

Do not use metal pegs, do not hang the clothes when they are totally soaked, leave them as flat as possible. Avoid hanging from the neckline or armholes, try to hang from the waist or in the middle of the garment.

How should I iron?

If possible, use an ironing cloth over the garment, so that the iron does not come into direct contact with the garment, if this seems too complicated then iron the garment inside out.
Our patterns and colors are as natural as possible and direct contact with too much heat and steam slowly damage the fabric.

Always use the silk program on the iron, and you feel free to use the steam. 

How are stains removed?

Never rub a stain, it is the first impulse, but it only helps to spread the product, and that is not good.
Use kitchen roll or something similar that is absorbent, cut into two pieces, slightly moisten in warm water and on both sides of the stain (above and below) press the fabric in small pressure strokes. Maintain the pressure slightly and make sure that the stain is transfering onto the paper and disappearing from the fabric. If you see that it works, keep doing it until the stain disappears and then we recommend washing the garment.

If the stain does not improve then take it to the dry cleaner as quickly as possible.


How to extend the life of your garment?

Wash your clothes only when necessary. Hang them lovingly in your wardrobes. Try to use wooden hangers and avoid piling them up with other clothes. Be as careful as possible when you use and touch them.


How to give a second life to your garment?

If what you need is to wear something new and empty your closets, bring us your LAZA-s back, we will give them a second life. You will have a 20% discount for your next purchase. Never throw them away, closing the loop is important to us.