Producing new clothes is simply not necessary.

With everything that has been produced so far we could dress the entire planet for the next thirty years.

It is a scary figure, we know. And we feel that burden working in this industry on a daily basis. But we also know that designing, pattern cutting and sewing a garment is what makes us happy. Each collection is our way to communicate with the world, and to feel fulfilled. As well as being a kind of therapy that we cannot do without.

We already know that the only thing that would be truly sustainable for our planet would be a total change of our consumption habits. Reinventing, recycling and reinterpreting everything that we have already done and thrown away. 

For this reason, in LAZA we do not define ourselves as a “sustainable brand”. We cannot, because the term has been trivialized, and worse: it is being used as a marketing and sales tool, generally in a dishonest way. We believe in circularity as a stepping stone, not only for the industrial and commercial processes, but also for our conscience. And this is the principle that defines us since our early beginnings.

 How we do things:

 - We use a unique fabric for all our garments. This fabric is cupro, which is made from recycled cellulose fibres. This, in addition to reducing the carbon footprint, means that we never discard fabrics from one season to the next. Cupro is one of the most recently invented fibres, it saves the most resources in the manufacturing process. It is also a biodegradable and a highly durable material.

 - Continuing with our idea of being part of the transformation of our consumption habits, we established the process of "upcycling" in our collection: if one of our clients gets tired of a LAZA garment, we reinterpret it to give it a second life, instead of letting it end up in the trash. 

 - We also rent our clothes, trying to avoid unneccessary consumption and promoting sharing.

 - We make fashion, but we try to make our garments as versatile as possible as well as hoping for them to become a staple in your wardrobe.

 - We design for all bodies, so that, if the same client changes size, she can continue wearing our garment without having to let it go. 

 - We teach how to take care of our garments so that they last as long as possible. 

 - All our garments are produced in a single small workshop that shares our sustainability commitments and goals. 

 - Our packaging it is minimal and we always use recycled cardboard or biodegradable bags.

 - The idea of collaborating is very important to us. We try to generate wealth and collective creativity, collaborating with artists and friends. We want everyone to prosper around us.

 Our long-term dreams are:

. To develop our own fabric that we can reuse ourselves, thus closing the full productions circle.

. Sell vintage garments, to promote the use of clothing that has already been made.

. Teaching our consumers to fix their own garments and to value them "long term", something that has been forgotten.

. Create a community in which fashion exchange is established, managing the exchange of garments that are no longer going to be used. 

. Make collaborations with artists / friends in all our collections and also be able to sell and promote their work on our platform.